Fondation DRG Granting Criteria

Please review the following criteria to determine whether your project may be eligible for a Fondation DRG scholarship or grant.  

1. All grants must be cross cultural in nature and used to promote cultural relationship between France and Canada.

Examples include:

  • Funding of a Canadian art exhibition in France.
  • Funding of a French exhibition in Canada.
  • Scholarships for Canadian artists wishing to study in France.
  • Grants for French artists to come to Canada to teach, share expertise.
  • Financing a Canada – French research initiative where cultural exchange can be clearly defined.

2. Beneficiaries – We are prepared to fund grants or scholarships to the following:

  • Canadian or French entities.
  • Not for profit, Charitable status preferred. 
  • Direct funding to an individual in the form of a scholarship and associated costs.

3. Term

We will consider both requests for one time funding and multi-year grants.

4. Maximum Grant Amount

We do not have an established maximum grant value.

5. Minimum Grant

CAD$ 50,000, EUROS 32 000

6. Applicability of funds, Restrictions

Our funding may be used to cover a wide range of expenses including fees, living expenses, working capital and travel.

7. Matching funds

Fondation DRG will prioritize funding of programs where there are other funders in place, but Fondation DRG can be a single source of funding for a specific program.

8. Reporting

Fondation DRG will expect quality reporting from its beneficiaries based on a schedule and criteria agreed to during the grant development process.

Having read and understood the Fondation DRG’s granting criteria, should you or your institution wish to apply for an Fondation DRG grant, please refer to the Submit your Application Section or click the button bellow.

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