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Fondation DRG does not currently have a formal application.  Instead, program development occurs between the Fondation and applicant, where criteria is agreed to including amounts and timing of financial distributions, reporting methodologies, and goals as may be applicable. The Fondation DRG executive committee is involved throughout this process to facilitate efficiencies and ensure our ability to respond to applicants in a timely manner.  

This initial application for funding to Fondation DRG, is your opportunity to get our attention by telling us why we should be funding you or your project.  We urge you to dream big and not hold back.  

Your proposal should be clear, easy to understand, should include a brief business plan that describes the project/program/activity to be financed by Fondation DRG.

Your application should include the following (as and where applicable):

  • Executive summary– What is being proposed?  Why is this important?  Why is this important to you?
  • Cross Cultural Impact– A clear explanation of how the project/program/activity and its ultimate outcomes are cross cultural.
  • Stakeholders– Who are the Key stakeholders (i.e. Applicant, institution, academic sponsor), and how are they critical to the success of the program?
  • Operations– Provide a clear explanation of how the program will work, key requirements for its success, etc.
  • Financials– Provide a description (table) outlining your project’s financial requirements and showing how FDRG fond resources will be used for those.
    1. Please indicate if any matching financial commitment is being made by you, your institution, or others?
    2. Fondation DRG will NOT fund any indirect costs that cannot be specifically and/or directly tied to the development or execution of a given program (i.e. administrative overheads as a % of the total grant)
  • Governance– Given Fondation DRG’s cross-cultural emphasis, it is reasonable to presume that projects may have multiple stakeholders.  Outline how those relationships will be maintained and/or managed for your project to be successful.
  • Other– Provide any other documents that are important in describing that a thorough understanding of the project/program is in place, and that it is ready to be launched, executed.

We look forward to receiving your application and to reviewing it.  Should the Fondation DRG executive committee be interested by your project, we will contact you within 4 weeks of your submission.

Thank you for your time and interest in Fondation DRG.

Submit an Application

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