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Established in 2020, the Fondation David R. Graham (here after the “Fondation DRG”) seeks to establish and invest in opportunities  and relationships to promote cultural exchange between France and Canada.

A primary focus of Fondation DRG is to support the arts and artists through a combination of scholarships or grants, as required by a proposed and agreed to project.  Additionally, Fondation DRG will consider funding research initiatives and other opportunities that clearly evidence a cross cultural benefit and/or beneficial experience for an organization or an individual.

Don’t worry, Fondation DRG does not at present have a formal application process, or a technical committee in place to review applications. 

Instead, program development occurs between the Fondation DRG, funding applicant, and/or a partner institution, where an opportunity is presented and criteria is agreed to, including amounts and timing of financial distributions, reporting methodologies, and goals. Upon reaching written and legal agreement on those (and any other) important points, Fondation DRG will provide funding to the agreed project and will remain at arm’s length) from operations or any other day to day matters relating to the project.

Should you be interested in learning more about Fondation DRG or Applying
for a Fondation DRG grant, please refer to the Fondation DRG Granting Criteria Page

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